We are working hard to ensure that we manufacture our roof trusses and joists in the most efficient way, whilst also taking care that our processes have the minimum impact possible on the environment.

Our trussed rafters, metal web floor joists and spandrel panels and other products we supply are predominantly manufactured from timber. Our suppliers are regularly audited by ourselves, and we ensure that we only work with partners who can domonstrate to us a high level of environmental responsiblity and awareness.

We only work with suppliers who hold Chain of Custody Certification and who can demonstrate that they never knowingly source timber from prohibited or illegal sources. We also endeavour to only source timber which complies with the requirements of CITES and that at a minimum meets current legislative requirements. 

We carefully manage our material wastage and strive to reduce waste in all its forms throughout the manufacturing and supply process. We recycle materials wherever possible, further reducing our volume of waste.Distribution is also carefully scheduled to minimise the miles our vehicles travel when delivering our trusses and joists to site. 

Our future plans include installing a Bio-mass boiler which will enable us to heat our own factory, as well as contributing towards the National Grid - this will further minimise any waste material we generate. 

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