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Talented In-House Design Team

We provide 3D visualisations, which our clients find beneficial when working on complex roofs.

Our experienced team of specialist designers will estimate, detail and design from your architectural and engineers drawings.

You can upload and submit your drawings via our Upload Page, or email your project details via:      We accept PDFs, CAD or DXF files of your build project. If you are able to provide CAD and DXF files, it enables us to import the footprint of your build directly to our design tool.

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Industry Leading Design Software

Our truss designers are fully trained in using Mitek Pamir design software, and our floor designers use Miteks 20/20 design software. We undertake regular training to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest amendments to manufacture and construction on site. We will often consult our customer to ensure that what we design will work for the construction team on site, saving labour time whenever possible.

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A Fully Accredited & Responsible Company

Delivering High Levels of Sustainability

NRT PEFC License 2

PEFC Certified

Our wood, wood products, and non-timber forest products have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests and they have been manufactured with due respect for workers’ rights.

Certificate No: BMT-PEFC-0172
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BM Trada Certified

Independently-verified assurance that the wood we use originates from responsibly sourced forests and that the material has been tracked through every stage of the process from forest to end-user.

Certificate No: 3/1868
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If you are contacting us regarding a quote for trusses and/or joists please provide as much information as possible for our design team, including:

1: A Site Address  –  2: Dimensions/ Drawings  –  3: Estimated Delivery Deadline

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