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We apply VACSOL® Aqua protection to all our manufactured roofing and flooring components

Nuneaton Roof Truss can also provide a Treatment Service for customers’ own building joinery timbers.

If you are interested in having your timber treated, all we need to know is whether the treatment is to be applied to Internal Timbers, such as roofing timber, timber frame material, purlins, joists, wall plates, tilting battens or plywoods or External Timbers such as soffits, barge and fascia boards, cladding, doors etc.

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Water-based environmentally friendly clear timber preservative treatment

VACSOL® Aqua are water based preservatives which are industrially applied in a controlled low pressure, double vacuum process giving an outer envelope of protection to the timber components. Less moisture is absorbed than in high pressure treatments allowing the wood to dry quicker and helping to retain its original dimension. 

VACSOL® Aqua preservative is tested in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 599, including extended field trial testing. VACSOL® Aqua treated timber is treated in accordance with the penetration and retention requirements given in BS 8417.

Specifications and Standards

VACSOL® Aqua treated timber meets National Building Specification (Z12), National House Building Council, Zurich and UK Wood Protection Association National specifications. The desired service life does not provide a guarantee of performance but merely an indication of the expectation against which the recommendations for timber treatment are drawing up, assuming good design and normal conditions of use. VACSOL® Aqua treated timbers can be used in external building applications above dpc level, but must have an appropriate and well maintained decorative coating added to maintain the integrity of the preservative protection.

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PEFC Certified

Our wood, wood products, and non-timber forest products have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests and they have been manufactured with due respect for workers’ rights.

Certificate No: BMT-PEFC-0172
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BM Trada Certified

Independently-verified assurance that the wood we use originates from responsibly sourced forests and that the material has been tracked through every stage of the process from forest to end-user.

Certificate No: 3/1868
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