Nuneaton Roof Truss designed and manufactured trusses for the Kings Mews development, helping Greensquare Homes to deliver a range of spacious homes specially designed for the over-55s in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. 

Green Square Accord, a registered charity, works to support tens of thousands of people across England by providing affordable housing and care to help people live independently. As part of this mission, Green Square developed Kings Mews, a 27-dwelling development solely for older buyers. It came to Nuneaton Roof Truss to deliver on budget and on time.

Video and images courtesy of Green Square Homes

The Challenge

When it came to planning the Kings Mews development, Green Square needed a partner who could guarantee both consistency and variety. Nuneaton Roof Truss delivered high quality trusses that sped the construction process without compromising on design, materials or structural integrity. Intended to create a welcoming community for the residents, Green Square came to Nuneaton Roof Truss to enjoy the efficiency benefits of our modern and robust manufacturing processes.

The Solution

Nuneaton Roof Truss designed trusses for the no less than seven house designs used on the site: the semi-detached Enford, Foxley, Hampton and Wilton and the detached Milton, Fyfield and Downton.

Traditional from the outside, the Kings Mews homes offer spacious, open plan designs, including using attic trusses to ensure that attics offer useable space.

The Result

Manufactured from high grade softwood, Nuneaton Roof Truss’s bespoke trusses, created with our rapid design, manufacturing and delivery processes, meant that Green Acre Homes was able to deliver this diverse and special development both on time and on budget.

Josh McEwan, sales manager at Nuneaton Roof Truss said that Kings Mews showed how Nuneaton Roof Truss uses design and manufacturing processes that deliver for its customers.

“Working with Green Square Homes on Kings Mews was fascinating. Given the social mission and need to deliver traditional but clean aesthetics, we felt our modern design and manufacturing processes had a positive impact by reducing the cost and complexity of on-site work despite the wide range of plans,” said Josh.

Why choose Nuneaton Roof Truss?

Nuneaton Roof Truss is the manufacturer of choice for all of your structural and engineered timber requirements. Whether you’re planning one house or many, housebuilders, and construction firms all over the UK put their trust in us.If you’re interested in our industry-leading, eco-friendly services, click here to get a quote or call us on 02476 327722 to find out how.

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