Ever more housebuilders are turning to posi-joists. We examine the advantages of this intelligent building technology.

Posi joists, also known as metal web joists or open web joists, are a type of structural component commonly used in residential and commercial construction Offering a number of benefits over traditional solid wood joists, they are an increasingly popular choice among builders and contractors.

Posi-joist performance

The rise of posi-joists is all about performance. Here’s why:

One of the main advantages of posi-joists is their strength and stability. Designed to resist bending and deformation, making them well-suited for use in floor and roof systems; and they are also resistant to rot and insect damage, ensuring a long lifespan for your structure.

Another benefit of posi-joists is their lightweight design. Made from engineered wood, which is lighter than solid wood, they are easier to handle and install, meaning they can reduce labour costs and make the construction process more efficient.

In addition to their structural properties, posi-joists offer a number of other benefits. They can be used to span longer distances than traditional joists, allowing for more open and flexible floor plans. They also create more space in the floor cavity, providing more room for insulation and other mechanical systems.

Posi-joists are also more environmentally friendly than solid wood joists. Made from sustainably harvested wood, and the manufacturing process generates less waste and uses fewer natural resources.

Overall, posi-joists offer a number of benefits that make them the preferred choice: their strength, stability, and lightweight design make them suitable for a wide range of applications, and their environmental benefits make them an attractive option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

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