In the bustling town of Stratford upon Avon, a development was planned to renovate an existing sports club building and cater to the growing community’s needs. One of the critical aspects of the construction process was the installation of roof joists that were both sustainable and lightweight. The client also wanted to adhere to a modern aesthetic. This case study delves into the challenges faced during the project, the products used, the planning and design processes, and the final results achieved through meticulous execution.


The roofing joists needed to tick multiple boxes. They needed to be sustainable to align with environmental goals, lightweight for practicality and ease of installation. They also needed to be modern in appearance to complement the overall design aesthetic of the sports club. Finding a solution that met all these requirements was no small feat.

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Which Type of Roof Joists Were Used:

After thorough research and consultation, the team settled on using 304mm deep post rafters with a 2-degree pitch and 400mm centres. These rafters were selected for their robustness. They providing adequate support for the roof structure while maintaining the desired lightweight quality. Additionally, the loose timber used was of TR26 grade, known for its durability and reliability in construction projects.

Planning and Design of Roof Joists:

To ensure the seamless integration of the chosen roof joists into the sports club development, the planning and design phase played a crucial role. Nuneaton Roof Truss, a reputable company specialising in roof truss systems, was enlisted to handle the project’s planning and design aspects. Utilising state-of-the-art Mitek software, we crafted a detailed plan that outlined the specific requirements and specifications for the installation of the sustainable and lightweight roof joists.

The design process involved calculations to determine the optimal placement of the 304mm deep post rafters with a 2-degree pitch and 400mm centres. This precision planning ensured that the roof structure would be both structurally sound and visually appealing, meeting the client’s expectations for a modern and sustainable sports club development.

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Final Results:

The 304mm deep post rafters not only provide the necessary structural support but also add a touch of contemporary elegance to the overall design of the sports club. The sustainable timber used proved its resilience, guaranteeing the longevity and durability of the roof structure for years to come.

Moreover, the expertise of Nuneaton Roof Truss in utilising Mitek software for planning and design ensured that the installation process was seamless and efficient. The careful coordination between the design team and the onsite construction crew resulted in a roof joist system that surpassed all expectations in terms of sustainability, lightweight construction, and modern aesthetics.

The successful implementation of sustainable and lightweight roof joists serves as a prime example of how meticulous planning, quality products, and expert design can come together to create a structure that not only meets but exceeds client requirements. The project stands as a beacon of environmental consciousness in the construction industry, setting a high standard for future developments.

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