In the world of sports, there is a unique bond between athletes and their sponsors. It is about belief, support, and making dreams possible. Masters Team GB Judo Player, Adam Green, is a shining example of this bond as he prepares to represent his country at the European Championships in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2024. Nuneaton Roof Truss are proud to be his sponsor.

European Judo Championships Veterans 2024

Adam Green is a seasoned judo player at the age of 37. He holds a remarkable passion for his sport. Hailing from Nuneaton, Adam is a Masters Team GB Judo Player, an ex-British Judo School Coach, and Ex Leicester Tigers Judo Coach. He’s been obsessed with the sport since he was 5 years old. He began training again last year, and has shown an acute sense of dedication and discipline.

Supported by Nuneaton Roof Truss

With the support of Nuneaton Roof Truss, he is able to continue pursuing his dreams and competing at the highest level. Adam’s journey is not just about personal achievement. It’s also about breaking barriers and proving that age is just a number when it comes to passion and dedication.

As Adam sets his sights on the upcoming European Championships, he acknowledges the crucial role that sponsors play in making his participation possible. In his own words:

“It means a lot to be supported by a local business to give me the opportunity to keep chasing my dreams even at the age of 37 years old.”

The world of competitive sports is not always easy, especially for self-funded athletes. With the financial burden of training, travel, and competition expenses, having a sponsor can make all the difference. As Adam mentions, “Without their sponsorship and support, it would make it difficult for me to be able to compete out in Bosnia at the Europeans.” This underscores the invaluable role that sponsors play in enabling athletes to focus on their performance without financial stress.


At Nuneaton Roof Truss, we see sponsoring Adam Green as more than just a business opportunity. It is a commitment to supporting local talent. We believe in fostering athletic excellence, and being part of his journey towards success. Adam’s dedication, perseverance, and unwavering spirit embody the values that we hold dear. We are honoured to stand by him as he represents his country on the international stage.

As Adam prepares to showcase his skills at the European Championships, we have no doubt that he will excel. His hard work, determination, and sportsmanship make him a true inspiration. We are excited to be part of his journey and witness the magic that unfolds when talent, support, and opportunity come together in perfect harmony.

Go get ’em, Adam!

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