We are well known for our roof trusses but our range of products and services is much wider, including an expert timber treatment service that is both durable and sustainable.

Ensuring that timber meets its desired service life is an essential consideration for housebuilders and in order to achieve this, Nuneaton Roof Truss applies VACSOL Aqua protection to all our manufactured roofing and flooring components.

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Whether the timber is internal timbers, such as roofing timber, timber frame material, purlins, joists, tilting battens or plywoods or external timbers such as soffits, barge and fascia boards, cladding, and doors, we can give them the durable and attractive finish using a range of colour markers to create the aesthetic that buyers desire.

Timber treatment service for durability and aesthetics

It is not just our own trusses and other manufactured timber Nuneaton Roof Truss can work with. Marrying durability with aesthetics, Nuneaton Roof Truss provides a treatment service for customers’ own building joinery timbers.

If you are interested in having your timber treated then all we need to know is whether the timbers you require to be treated are Internal Timbers, such as roofing timber, timber frame material, purlins, joists, wallpate, tilting battens or plywoods or External Timbers such as soffits, barge and fascia boards, cladding, doors and more.

What is VASCOL Aqua?

To help protect timber used for building and joinery components, we use the VACSOL range of water-based wood preservatives. Designed as a low pressure preservative treatment, VACSOL provides long-term performance for low to medium risk interior and exterior construction and joinery timbers used above damp proof course level.

VACSOL Aqua treated timber meets National Building Specification (Z12), National House Building Council, Zurich and UK Wood Protection Association National specifications. The desired service life does not provide a guarantee of performance but merely an indication of the expectation against which the recommendations for timber treatment are drawing up, assuming good design and normal conditions of use.VACSOL Aqua treated timbers can be used in external building applications above dpc level, but must have an appropriate and well maintained decorative coating added to maintain the integrity of the preservative protection.

Why choose Nuneaton Roof Truss?

Nuneaton Roof Truss is the manufacturer of choice for all of your structural and engineered timber requirements. Whether you’re planning one house or many, housebuilders, and construction firms all over the UK put their trust in us.If you’re interested in our industry-leading, eco-friendly services, click here to get a quote or call us on 02476 327722 to find out how we can support your business and projects.

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