When it comes to constructing robust and durable structures, the choice of materials plays an important role. At Nuneaton Roof Truss we apply VACSOL® Aqua protection to all our treated timber and manufactured roofing and flooring components.

Why VACSOL® Aqua Treated Timber?

VACSOL® Aqua treatment is a water-based timber preservative which is applied in a controlled low-pressure, double vacuum process. This process envelops the timber components in a protective shield that significantly enhances their longevity. Unlike high-pressure treatments, VACSOL® Aqua preserves the wood’s original dimensions, allowing it to dry quickly while retaining its strength.

Vacsol treated timber

Environmental Responsibility

One of the standout features of VACSOL® Aqua treated timber is its environmental friendliness. As a water-based preservative, it aligns perfectly with Nuneaton Roof Truss sustainable construction practices. 

Meeting and Exceeding Standards

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to industry standards. VACSOL® Aqua treated timber meets the requirements of BS EN 599, including extensive field trial testing. It also fulfils the penetration and retention criteria outlined in BS 8417. This dedication to standards ensures that the timber you receive is of the highest quality and reliability.

Applications: Internal and External Timber Treatment

Nuneaton Roof Truss offers a versatile treatment service that caters to both internal and external timber needs. If you’re a housebuilder looking for timber treatment for roofing timber, timber frame material, purlins, joists, wall plates, tilting battens, or plywoods, VACSOL® Aqua treatment can significantly extend their lifespan. On the other hand, for external applications such as soffits, barge and fascia boards, cladding, and doors, this treatment adds a layer of protection that withstands the elements.

Specifications and Certifications

VACSOL® Aqua treated timber from NRT aligns with various national specifications, including National Building Specification (Z12), National House Building Council, Zurich, and UK Wood Protection Association National specifications. It’s important to note that while the desired service life isn’t a guarantee, it provides a solid indication of the timber’s expected performance, given proper design and normal conditions of use. 

For external applications above damp-proof course (DPC) level, adding a well-maintained decorative coating is essential to preserve the integrity of the preservative protection.

How can Nuneaton Roof Truss help you?

Our VACSOL® Aqua treatment enhances roofing and flooring components, extending their life through a controlled low-pressure process. With eco-friendliness at its core, this water-based treatment aligns with our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Interested in finding out more about our treated timber? Click the link to get a quote or call us on 02476 327722 to find out how we can support your business and projects.

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