Spandrel Gable Panels, also known as Spandrel Panels, are pre-assembled structural timber panels clad with OSB board and plasterboard designed to provide lateral stability to a separating wall as well as a building’s gable end. Unlike traditional brick gables, they serve as a critical link in the overall structure, connecting the roof truss to the wall plate.

Why do Spandrel Panels stand out over traditional brick gables?

1. Structural Integrity

Traditional Brick Gables:

Traditional brick gables rely heavily on the masonry’s strength to provide structural support. While brickwork can be sturdy, it may lack the precision engineering offered by Spandrel Panels, leading to potential weaknesses in load distribution.

Spandrel Panels:

In contrast, Spandrel Panels excel in delivering enhanced structural integrity to roof truss systems. These panels are precisely engineered using computer-aided design (CAD) software and manufactured with cutting-edge machinery. The result is a custom-fit component that ensures optimal load distribution from the roof to the foundations, enhancing overall stability.

2. Design Versatility

Traditional Brick Gables:

Traditional brick gables may offer limited design flexibility. While bricks come in various styles and colours, creating intricate designs with bricks can be labour-intensive and time-consuming, often resulting in a less diverse visual appeal when compared to Spandrel Panels.

Spandrel Panels:

On the other hand Spandrel Panels offer a wide array of design possibilities, making them an architecturally versatile choice. Industry professionals and housebuilders can choose from various finishes, textures, and colours to seamlessly integrate the panels into the building’s aesthetics. The versatility of Spandrel Panels suits both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency

Traditional Brick Gables:

Brick gables, being traditionally constructed, can require a substantial amount of time and skilled labour to lay bricks meticulously. This labour-intensive process may extend project timelines and lead to higher labour costs.

Spandrel Panels:

The manufacturing process of Spandrel Panels contributes to remarkable time and cost efficiency. These panels are prefabricated to exact specifications, allowing for swift and easy installation. The reduced labour and construction time result in cost savings for the overall project.

4. Environmental Impact

Traditional Brick Gables:

The production and transportation of bricks can have a higher environmental impact when compared to prefabricated Spandrel Panels. Brick manufacturing processes often involve firing at high temperatures, consuming more energy and generating greenhouse gases.

Spandrel Panels:

As sustainability becomes a paramount consideration in housebuilding, Spandrel Panels offer an eco-friendly solution. These panels are crafted from sustainable materials and can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, contributing to greener building practices.


In this comparison analysis, we’ve highlighted the reasons why Spandrel Panels have become the preferred choice over traditional brick gables in modern roof truss design. With their superior structural integrity, design versatility, time and cost efficiency, and positive environmental impact, Spandrel Panels were a game-changer in the housebuilding industry.

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